This section lists the animals that are currently part of our program who are in need of a permanent, loving home. Some of these dogs may be part of a third party rescue group, and some are owned by CK9 directly. If you have questions about a particular animal, or are interested in adopting, please contact us at


5 years | Male | Mastiff X

Hello! They call me eyeballs because earlier this year I ran into some barb-wired fence and cut up my eyes a little bit. I am all healed now though! I also only have 3 legs, but that doesn't affect me very much. I am somewhat of a gentle giant. I can play with the other dogs, but I also want to cuddle with you every night. I can be in a home with kids, cats, and dogs.


15 weeks | Female | Heeler X

Mouse is the cutest, happiest girl!
She is a 14 week old Heeler X. She has a lot of leg for her little body, so expect her to grow, grow, grow 🌻
She loves to play! Toys, bones, dogs, kids.. she doesn’t care, she loves it all! She is probably a 7/10 for energy level.
She is still a puppy, so she is learning crate & potty training, but she’s a smart girl.
If you’re looking for an active little friend to join your life, she’s your girl! 🐭


1 year | Male | Basenji X

Hi Alfie!
Alfie is a fun little guy. He is 1-2 years old, so fully grow. And only about 25 lbs. he is full of spunk and personality. His ears aren’t the only awkward thing about him! He is sure to make you laugh on a daily basis. His ideal date is a weekend get away to the cabin, equipped with a lake to stand in, and a stick to drag around!!


5 years | Female | Shepard X

Howdy, Marla!
Marla is a sweet old girl who’s body wears the scars of her life. She’s a little scoffed up right now but she really is the diamond in the ruff. She adores everyone she meets. Her ideal date is a sunrise coffee on a porch swing. Watch out, this little southern bell will certainly steal your heart if you let her!


6 Months | Female | Sighthound X

Gazelle is full of grace & manners, with a dash of quirky. She is a 6 month old sighthound X of some sort, and her lanky legs won’t let you forget it! She is very mild mannered and sweet. She is such a doll and impossible not to love! Her ideal date is an evening stroll downtown, ending with her favorite ice cream for dessert!



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