Does your dog HATE the groomers? Are nail trims a nightmare? If your dog struggles with these basic services, our cooperative care grooming options may be just way to go! Instead of rushing your dog through the service, we take our time and really focus on the behaviors being displayed. This can turn the dreaded bath time into a nice relaxing spa day, for even the most anxious pets.

Need services that aren't listed? Just ask! we offer a wide range of grooming services, including brushing, nail polish, and more! The best part is the fun your pet has in the process!



For our rehabilitative nail trims, we require you to purchase a package of 4. This allows us to alter the negative association that comes with nail trimming, and enable them to enjoy the process.

We also offer single nail trims for $20. We can travel to you (within 10 miles of the Fargo-Moorhead area) or you can stop in with an apppointment. Either way, we'll get your pups nails all cleaned up so you don't have to!



We travel to you! Our portable dryers come with us, and we bathe your dog in the comfort of their own home. We focus on taking it at your pet's pace, and helping them enjoy their otherwise stressful bath.

Using basic priciples of pet massage, our prior grooming experience, and our knowledge of canine behavior, we make this an event your pet is sure to enjoy like they never have before!

*Prices may vary based on weight and coat type



Get those ears cleaned properly, professionally, and without causing pain or discomfort to your pal! Trained by a vet, we clean ears effectively to help prevent infection, and eliminate discomfort.



That's right, our behavioral trainer is also a certified groomer! She uses her skills to help your pets look and feel good, without compromising their emotional state! 

*Prices may vary based on weight and coat type



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