Fargo's best, certified behavioral expert!

With years of experience working with over 2,000 dogs, Phynix is the go-to behavioral specialist in region. Dealing with everything from puppy-hood to aggression, she is sure to get results! She believes in balanced training, while still following The Humane Heirarchy and LIMA guidelines*. 

She possess the following qualifications:

- Certified through Animal Behavior College

- Completed mentorships in show and pet quality obedience, and reactivity and aggression

- Over 1,500 training hours

- 4 years of experience working with behaviorally challenged dogs

*For more information on what this means, follow the links below:



Assistant Director

Chase handles all of the unseen decision making involving the future of CreativeK9 Solutions, as well as ensuring the business is following the vision it was created on. In addition to his administrative role, he also frequently assists in training sessions by acting as a distraction, or helping solidify positive behaviors. Kali, one of the CK9 mascots, is his personal dog.



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