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When taking your dog to training classes it is important that you bring something that motivates your dog. Typically this refers to treats, however some dogs may prefer a specific toy, or your voice. We will discuss what will work best for your dog at your consultation.

During all training sessions and classes, all pets must remain on a 4-8' leash unless otherwise noted. Retractable leashes will not be permitted for use during sessions.

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All dogs entering our program will be required to participate in a consultation prior to the start of any formal training instruction, with the exception of our How to be a Pup class. 

We also require you disclose any previous aggression your pet has expressed towards people or animals. This will not disqualify you from our program, but it will help us be better prepared to help you and your pet.

Please note: There will be a $20 cancellation fee for any consults, private, or in-home lessons that are not cancelled at least one hour prior to the start of the session. 



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